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Enze Professional is a cosmetic company that is specialized in professional hair line and it is present in the best hair salons in the country. It has been in the Brazilian market for over 7 years.


Its plant is located in Cedral/State of Sao Paulo and it is based in an industrial complex of 2,000 m² and in a distribution center of 500 m². It is structured to meet the entire national territory through Enze Professional accredited distributors and technical support centers to distributors.


Concerned about the quality and the complete satisfaction of the users of its products and of its strategic partners, Enze Professional implemented Total Quality Management with 5S methodology to remain as one of the main industries of professional cosmetics in the country.


Combining high-tech cosmetic and dynamism, Enze Professional transcends the needs of beauty salons connecting its products to the world market trends for the benefit of over 150,000 hairdressers who use and endorse the company's products in their work environments.



Be a professional cosmetic company that grows above average market rates, seeking customer satisfaction at all times.




Enze Professional will always provide well-being and pleasure to people.



We have reverence for God.

• Respect our distributors, professional hairdressers and final consumers.

• Always maintain quality and high technology, with very attractive and competitive prices in the market, without interfering in the quality and performance of Enze products.

• Each person should be valued for his/her qualities, respecting the dignity of people and recognizing their merits.

• All employees are free to make suggestions and give their opinions.

• Provide opportunity for growth and personal fulfillment to partners and employees.

• Be good citizens and support social works.

• Always innovate, doors open to "new".

• Be always attentive to market demands and needs, doing constant research.

• Prioritize these principles, certain of reaching our goals the best and most pleasant way possible.

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Luiz Vetoreti Street, 485, Estância das Paineiras - Cedral/SP

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