Ecological Blow Dry

Ecological Blow Dry

Eco Frizz Enze Ecological Treatment contains a unique technology that synthesizes heat activated botanical acids which generate alpha hydracids (lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and tartaric acid). They reduce the pH of the product, fixing and closing the cuticles. In molecular synergy, it aligns hair fiber at high temperature, reducing volume and removing frizz.

Active Principle:

Botanical acids

Indication of Use:

Frizzy, wavy and voluminous hair

Kit Contents:

Anti-residue Shampoo 1L

Frizz Gloss 1L

Finisher fluid 1L

Step by Step

1. Wash hair with Enze Eco Frizz Anti-residue Shampoo and repeat the application;

2. Blow dry the hair, leaving it slightly damp;

3. Apply Enze Frizz Gloss to thin locks, keeping it1.5 cm from the root;

4. Let on for 20 minutes to 1h20 depending on strand resistance;

5. Then, remove the excess of product with water;

6. Blow dry the hair, then iron thin strands 10 to 15 times;

7. Moisten the strands in the washbasin;

8. Apply Enze Eco Frizz Finisher Fluid to one lock at a time, keeping it1.5 cm from root then massage each lock repeatedly;

9. Leave on for 5 minutes;

10. Rinse;

11. Spray Protect Hair throughout the extension of the strands;

12. Gently blow dry the hair;

13. Finish with Enze Finish Line of your choice.


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