Intense Permanent Blow Dry contains ammonium thioglycolate which relaxes and straightens hair, providing a natural effect. It contains Macadamia oil which moisturizes and protects hair during the process. 

Active Principle:

Macadamia Oil | Ammonium Thioglycolate

Indication of Use:

Curly and wavy hair

Kit Contents:

Balance shampoo 1L

Straightening Cream 1 kg

Neutralizer 1L

Redux 250 g

Step by Step

1. Wash hair with Balance Shampoo and repeat the application;

2. Blow dry the hair until it is damp, divide the hair into thin locks, then apply Enze straightening cream, keeping it 1.5 cm away from the root;

3. Leave on according to the disruption of the strands;

4. Rinse with warm water, removing the excess of product;

5. Apply Repair Masque in the washbasin, leaving it to act for 5 minutes, then rinse;

6. Blow dry the hair and straighten it with a flat iron;

7. Divide the dry hair into thin locks, apply Enze Neutral avoiding contact with the scalp, let it act for 15 minutes;

8. Rinse only with water, removing the excess of product;

9. Spray Enze Protect Hair all over the extension of the hair, then gently blow dry the hair;

10. Finish with Enze Finish line of your choice.



• Using a total amount of 100 g of product for one application, products must be mixed as follow:

- For fine to medium hair: 50 g of Straightening Cream and 50 g of Redux.

- For bleached hair and blonde hair dyed using hydrogen peroxide 30 or 40 volume: 30 g of Straightening Cream and 70 g of Redux.

Note: It is recommended to do a strand test.


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