Post Chemical

Post Chemical

It has a great power of hydration, strengthens hair fiber, repair damaged surface, giving back shine. It contains a synergy of amino acids that reduces damage to chemically treated hair.

Active Principle:

Amino acid complex

Indication of Use:

Hair treated with ammonium thioglycolate and guanidine.

Kit Contents:

Shampoo 300 ml

Conditioner 300 ml

Masque 250g

Leave in 300 ml

Step by Step

1. Wash hair with Enze Post-Chemical Shampoo gently massaging.

2. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the application;

3. Apply Enze Post-Chemical Conditioner from length to ends and massage until it is complete detangled;

3. Apply Enze Post-Chemical Masque from length to ends;

4. Rinse and finish with Enze Post-Chemical Leave in.


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