Treatt Repair

Treatt Repair

Treatt Repair treatment is rich in shea butter, collagen and blend of amino acids. This combination is highly moisturizing and allows you to control voluminous and undisciplined hair.

Active Principle:

Shea butter | Blend of amino acids

Indication of Use:

Voluminous and undisciplined hair

Kit Contents:

Clean Shampoo 1L

Repair Masque 1 kg

Step by Step

1. Wash hair with Enze Clean Shampoo and repeat the application;

2. Apply Enze Repair Masque to thin locks, keeping it 1.5 cm away from the root;

3. Massage each lock repeatedly, then leave on for 10 minutes;

4. Rinse only with water, removing the excess of product;

5. Spray Enze Protect Hair all over the extension of the strands;

6. Blow dry and iron hair;

7. Finish with Enze Finish Line of your choice.


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